Ready to finally get found online every day by dream clients...for free? 
That's what blogging paired with an SEO (search engine optimization) strategy can do for you.

Grab my free Squarespace SEO checklist and guide for coaches, creatives, and small biz owners!
After reading this guide, you'll learn...
what SEO is in a way that doesn't feel like hieroglyphics 
the #1 ranking factor you need to focus on if you want to reach page 1
why Squarespace is an amazing platform for SEO...step aside Wordpress
the essential content you need to write that most biz owners are getting wrong
PLUS you’ll get a checklist you can follow every time you add a new page or blog post to your website.
Lauren Taylar
My obsession is helping small biz owners, coaches and creatives create visually stunning brands, design highly converting websites, and craft content marketing strategies that help them stand out, get seen, and make bank.

I’ve helped everyone from online coaches to billion dollar multinational companies across industries uplevel their online presence.
Getting found through Google automatically positions you as an authority and expert.

Start getting seen by the people that need your services most.
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