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Crucial Elements of a Client Converting Website Masterclass
client converting masterclass
Let me guess...
You're an online coach, creative entrepreneur, or small biz owner who started this business with a burning passion to serve others in a meaningful way.

Your work is truly transformational, but that DIY website you pieced together doesn't showcase the quality of your gifts.

You cringe when dream clients ask to see your website because you know it's lacking professional, organization, and cohesiveness. 

No matter how many times you dive into the backend of your site, you fall into the rabbit hole of trying to figure out #allthethings, yet again making no real progress.

That stops today.


Create a professional and cohesive look to your brand


Craft strong messaging that connects with dream clients.


Build your website with your biz goals in mind.


Optimize your website with SEO best practices.
Crucial Elements of a Client Converting Website Masterclass
- The #1 thing you need on your website and how NOT having it can cost you clients

- The design and aesthetic mistakes that absolutely CRIPPLE your professionalism and how to fix them

- The content you NEED to convert site visitors into clients and why most people miss this aspect

- How to avoid causing analysis paralysis so your dream clients stick around and land in your inbox

- The SEO mistakes that are negatively impacting your potential to rank in the Google search results and how to correctly optimize your website for optimal user experience
Carolina Vee
Life Coach
"GRAB A NOTEBOOK FRIENDS, because you are about to be BOMBARDED (in the best possible way) with useful and ACTIONABLE information.

The entire time I went through this masterclass, I would pause and check-out my website to make sure it was lining up with the invaluable information Lauren gives in this amazing masterclass.

My biggest take-away was taking my potential clients on a JOURNEY through my website - mind blowing stuff.  I thought websites were all about just clicking around to find relevant information, but when Lauren pointed out how to take them on a journey, it was like a lightbulb went off — it really made so much sense!"
About Lauren
I’m a brand designer, Squarespace website designer and SEO strategist for female coaches and creatives who want to stand out online, attract more dream clients and create an evergreen lead generation machine.

As a former SEO strategist for billion dollar global brands and high profile individuals, I combine my technical background with my passion for design to help my clients uplevel their online presence.

Say goodbye to wasted hours on your website feeling like you're getting nowhere.
Get instant access to the masterclass today and learn the secrets to a client winning website.
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